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    Three Reason To Choose A Cabinet Maker In Bethesda For Your Next Home Improvement Project

    Custom cabinet makers produce beautiful works of art. They use real wood and other natural, enduring materials to produce long-lasting storage that’s perfectly in line with homeowners’ storage needs. Although you can find a number of budget-friendly designs when shopping low-cost stock cabinets, you won’t get the same impressive results. At Chesapeake Kitchen Design, we want to share three important reasons to choose a custom cabinet maker in Bethesda for your next home improvement project.

    If you’re looking for a way to improve the marketability and value of your house, installing new cabinetry is it. Although all new cabinets will have a fresh look, custom cabinets will actually deliver on what their aesthetics will promise. Lacking elements of composite wood and particle board, our new cabinets don’t shred or lose their integrity at hinges and other stress points. They’ll look just as good in your home 20 years from now as they do on the day of installation. This is especially true with regular maintenance and care. It’s also important to note that kitchens, bathrooms, and their cabinetry are among the first things that prospective buyers look at when touring homes.

    Using real, natural materials contributes to higher indoor air quality (IAQ). Did you know that low-cost stock cabinets made with composite wood can off-gas harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your indoor air? These installations can significantly lower your IAQ for up to five years. With our products, you can look forward to less off-gassing and fewer VOC-related headaches and other symptoms.

    Most of the cabinets in homes go unused due to inefficient designs and inaccessibility. It makes no sense to install cabinets that you can’t reach or store your high-use and treasured items in. In addition to improving kitchen aesthetics, we prioritize factors like usability, accessibility, and overall functionality.

    When you visit our custom kitchen and bath cabinetry showroom, you’ll also find that our products give homes a decidedly modern touch. Even though we offer many classic cabinet styles, they’re perfect for pairing with under-counter lighting, task lighting, and other elements. If your home looks dates and isn’t quite on par with current market standards, we can help. Get in touch with Chesapeake Kitchen Design today to learn more and get started!

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